Twitch Streamer Jasteria Shares What Pride On Twitch Means To Her

By Robyn Foyster Robyn Foyster has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
on 24 June 2022

Throughout June, Twitch is celebrating LGBTQIA+ Creators; their authenticity, the colourful communities, their self-expression and the personalities behind them. It is thanks to these Creators and all that they bring to Twitch that make it a more welcoming and inclusive place for all. 

Women Love Tech caught up with Twitch creator, Jasteria. Here, she tells us what Pride On Twitch means to her.

“I only found my bisexual pride in my late twenties and this wasn’t until I started streaming and creating bonds and friendships on Twitch. Seeing so many fellow creators embracing themselves to the fullest, being happy and empowering – It allowed me to open up a lot more, there is still a lot of bi and pansexual erasure out there and I sort of suppressed that side of me because I wasn’t sure how others were going to react because the only relationships I’ve ever had have been with men.

Being able to celebrate Pride on Twitch with so many other incredible creators has been an honour! It’s a time to come together and embrace, empower and continue to fight for basic human rights to achieve equal opportunities and justice. It’s a time to celebrate our authentic selves! Also seeing so many creators use their platform to fundraise for incredible LGBTQIA+ organizations on the front page has been a joy to watch too!

I want to embrace myself the way so many of my friends and fellow creators do and no matter who I am in a relationship with, it does not diminish ANYTHING. I hope I can be to just one person out there, what my friends and fellow creators were to me.”

Women Love Tech encourages you to check out Twitch’s Pride Front Page home page (located here) that features over 34 ANZ Creators, plus you can check below for timings those featured and key timings:

Tune in here for the final week (June 20-30)

And check out Jasteria, below. She’s awesome!

Jasteria – click here to watch her latest stream.

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