Twitch with Bird Buddy’s Camera and Smart Bird Feeder

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on 26 March 2021

Bird Buddy is a smart bird feeder with a camera that captures photos and organises them for you to view and share. Using AI it smashed its crowdfunding target within 30 minutes on Kickstarter.

“We have been overwhelmed by the enthusiasm and support shown for Bird Buddy,” said Ziga Vrtacic, co-founder of the company. “We knew we had an amazing product and were quietly confident about its performance on Kickstarter, but what has happened has surpassed all expectations.”

bird buddy
Image Credit: Bird Buddy

Researchers has found that seven out of ten people in the United Kingdom feel they are losing touch with nature. Many of us are searching online for ways to observe animals in the wild and reconnect. Addressing this trend, Sir David Attenborough said recently: “Live feeds serve as a means of lifeline and communication between us, and the natural world.”

“Our Bird Buddy platform is a fun new way to connect to the nature right there in your backyard,” said Ziga Vrtacic, co-founder of Bird Buddy Inc.

Bird Buddy features:

  • Sends notifications to users’ smartphones when a bird arrives
  • Control the camera with your phone
  • View the history of your bird visitors
  • Capture photos of the birds without scaring them
  • Camera takes photos with a selfie-like perspective and a wide-angle lens
  • Recognition of over 1,000 bird species
  • Built-in microphone to hear them sing

A user can photography the visiting bird and use AI to identify the species. The technology is similar to the gamification aspect of apps like Pokémon Go.

The information can be curated and users can share their collections to friends and family. The data can also be shared with an open-source database to assist with environmental projects, where scientists are investigating migration patterns and species numbers.

Prior to the launch, Ziga, together with co-founders Franci Zidar and Kyle Buzzard, created an online community of bird enthusiasts.

“Our aim is to get the whole world into birding,” continued Ziga. “Thanks to the amazing support we received on Kickstarter we are now building our international team and will soon have an e-commerce site in place.”

“These are very exciting times for us. We are very grateful to everyone who has backed us so far and we are working around the clock to take Bird Buddy to the next level.”

bird buddy
Image Credit: Bird Buddy

The Bird Buddy comes with a guide to bird feeding and optional extra accessories include a solar roof, wall mount, fence mount and suet ball holder. Bird Buddy is available in blue or yellow.

The box contains a Bird Buddy camera module, Bird Buddy bird feeder, smartphone app, nylon hanging cord, universal bottom mount and screws, USB-C charging cable and a measuring cup.

Fellow co-founder Kyle Buzzard, who previously worked on a range of high-profile tech projects including being on the team that developed Google Chromecast, said: “Bird Buddy is a beautiful example of how technology can help us engage and understand the physical world around us in a fun new way.”

Bird Buddy is the perfect gift for the bird lover, twitcher and budding scientist in your life.

For more information, visit the Bird Buddy website:

Currently on Indiegogo and available for pre-order for delivery in September 2021. Ideal for end of year gifts.

Available on Google Play and Apple App Store.

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