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Unofficial Marie Kondo Method for Decluttering Your Tech Products

Unofficial Marie Kondo Method for Decluttering Your Tech Products

Living in a small house and continually battling the clutter, the Marie Kondo’s Netflix series has me transfixed to the television.

After watching a few KonMari episodes, I decided to sort through some of my technology products. Here are some of the handy tips I discovered.

Marie Kondo Method for Decluttering Unless you are planning on moving in the next couple of years, you can remove any inner plastic and padding. The only exception would be valuables like monitors and TV screens. Just in case, they need a trip down the road for repair.

I like to keep the product box together with the instructions and warranty. If the warranty is longer than 12 months and/or the product worth more than $100, I’ll take the time to register the product online. Alternatively, you may like to keep all of your warranties together in a binder.

Ideally, I keep all of my receipts in my tax folders by financial year. Alternatively, you can keep them in the product box. Just bare in mind that the receipts might fade, so consider photocopying or storing a copy electronically (with a photo).

Rather than having a television in every room, I’ve purchased metal stands which can be used with a smartphone or a tablet. These are easy to put away in a cupboard when you have visitors. (Think eBay). We have a wooden one in the kitchen which can be used for recipe books or your old tablet.

I like to keep all of my electronic cords in one box (okay maybe two boxes). It’s handy to keep spare electronic cords in your handbag, the car and at work for charging your mobile phone in emergencies.

Headphones work best in a padded case. You can buy these off eBay for under ten dollars.

Sony's new headphones control all the noise around youI’ve repurposed an iPod plastic box for storing my old SIM cards. You can even get them or motherboards embedded in resin to wear as a necklace for the ultimate geek cool. (Think Etsy).

Please take your time decluttering – you might like to adopt the philosophy of only bringing one thing into your house for one thing to go out.

What are some of the methods you have used to declutter your technology products?

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Written by Emma Crameri

I am a Brisbane-based freelance technical reviewer and writer. I have experience working in ICT, online education and digital marketing. I can turn your ideas into engaging and shareable online content. I'm an early adopter with both Android and Apple devices. I'm also the Editor of the Brisbanista website.

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