Withings ScanWatch: The First Hybrid Smartwatch with ECG, Heart Rate And Oximeter

By Robyn Foyster Robyn Foyster has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
on 23 January 2021

If you want a smartwatch that focuses primarily on your health then it’s worth taking a look at the new Withings ScanWatch. Withings is a  pioneer of digital health and this is the first hybrid smart watch to offer ECG, heart rate and an oximeter through SP02.

This time piece’s capability to detect heart rhythm disorders as well as to track blood oxygen saturation levels makes it more useful than ever with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Known for innovation in the health space, Withings invented the first connected scale that measures arterial stiffness, the first hybrid smartwatch to detect heart arrhythmias, and today, the first at-home sleep mat for detection of sleep apnoea without wearing anything.

Now ScanWatch lays claim to the  the first hybrid Smartwatch with ECG, heart rate & oximeter features.

Developed by cardiologists and sleep experts, ScanWatch is the world’s first clinically validated hybrid smartwatch to detect atrial fibrillation (AFib), overnight breathing disturbances and to measure oxygen saturation.

Withings’ ScanWatch is the most medically advanced wearable to date with three clinical studies led with Centre Cardiologie du Nord (France), Georges Pompidou European Hospital (France) and Hypoxia Lab (California) that enabled its official TGA approval for Afib detection through PPG, oxygen saturation through SpO2 and one derivation ECG performed through embedded electrodes.

The only issue is my battery needs to be charged more than my previous Withings watch the HR Steel – even though the company claims to have battery life of up to 30 days.

In spite of this, I rely on the watch to help me hit 10,000 steps a day and I wear it 24/7 thanks to the fact it is water resistant so you can wear it in the shower or for a swim in the sea.

It’s also very handy if you have a Withings scales as that means you can also keep track of your weight and exercise together via the brands free Health Mate app. 

From the clean and simple designs to the clever tech functionality, there’s plenty to love about the Withings watch. So much so, I’ve been happy to recommend it to friends and they’ve all become Withings fans as a result. 

More than ever, we need to take responsibility for our own health and the technology ScanWatch provides allows us to do that. 

ScanWatch tells us so much about our health. It can actually detect if a user has AFib thanks to its ability to take a medical-grade ECG on- demand. That’s pretty impressive.

ScanWatch, which is TGA approved, also enables you to identify if your heart rhythm is slow, high or showing signs of AFib through a proactive heart scanning feature. Through its embedded PPG sensor, the device has the ability to monitor heart rate, which allows it to alert the user to a potential heart event even if they don’t feel palpitations. When ScanWatch detects an irregular heartbeat through its heart rate sensor, it will prompt the user via the watch display to record an ECG which is a function that takes just 30 seconds.


Withings ScanWatch Tells us How You Breathe When You Sleep 

It was only from reading James Nestor’s book Breath that I really started to pay attention to my breathing ability, especially while I sleep. ScanWatch can actually detect breathing disturbances during sleep. They are detected by an exclusive algorithm based on an analysis of blood oxygen level, heart rate, movement and breathing frequency, collected through ScanWatch’s accelerometer and the optical sensor.

It’s possible to analyse the intensity of breathing disturbances that occurred during the night via the Health Mate app. Medical-grade sleep apnoea detection will automatically become available following further regulatory approval and clinical study completion with Hôpital Antoine Béclère (France) later this year. In addition, ScanWatch provides sophisticated sleep monitoring and analysis of sleep patterns, including the length, depth and quality of sleep, and can wake users up with a gentle vibration at the best time of their sleep cycle.

All data collected with ScanWatch are automatically synched with the Health Mate which provides a detailed vision of the user’s data history. Health reports and ECG measurements can easily be shared with a doctor directly from the app, too.

Find out more about Withings here: https://www.withings.com/au/en/


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