Fast-Charge & Declutter with Zyron’s Latest 100W Charger

By Julius Feldmann
on 9 April 2024

Enjoy fast and intelligent charging with Zyron’s Powaforce 100W GaN 5 Charger, the newest solution to our modern technological needs. Produced by an emerging Australian brand, ZyronTech Australia, this fast-charging 100W device has 4-ports and may replace all existing chargers in your household. 

Charge your devices quicker

The Zyron Powaforce 100W GaN 5 Charger has its greatest strength in the name. Unprecedented 100W output, which will charge your devices faster than ever. Additionally, it boasts an unmatched 93% peak efficiency. 

Why so fast? The Zyron Charger is powered by an advanced Navitas GaNSense GaN 5 chipset that optimises charging performance. Gallium Nitride (GaN) is the helping hand that provides reliable and lossless charging with each use. 

Swap 4 chargers for 1

Undeniably, the top functional feature of this powerful charger is turning 4 bulky chargers into one 4-port device. Immediately eliminate the clutter of multiple chargers and power up four devices simultaneously.

Zyron Powaforce 100W Charger
Easily charge up to 4 different devices.

Compact design, take it anywhere

When compared to its popular and familiar competitor, the Apple charger, this new charging device is 30% smaller and lighter. This design feature is immediately noticeable without the feeling of a compromise on quality. 

The sleek look is refreshing, and its portability makes it an ideal companion for tech enthusiasts, people-on-the-go and professionals. 

What else is included?

  • 2m Long Cable: Charge immediately with a durable 100W USB-C cable.
  • Travel Case: Take this charger anywhere with a convenient on-the-go travel case.
  • Warranty: 2 years limited.
  • User Manual: Quick start guide.

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