10 Best Relationship Podcasts Ever

By Mary Grace
on 25 September 2022

No matter your relationship status—whether you’re single, going out, engaged, or married—everyone may benefit from receiving some guidance on romance, dating, and the development of healthy partnerships that are capable of withstanding the test of time. Here’s where dating podcasts come in.

10 Best Relationship Podcasts Ever  | Women Love Tech


Is It Worth Listening To Relationship Podcasts?

If you’re single and planning to stay that way, listening to the greatest relationship podcasts may still teach you valuable lessons about human interaction that will benefit your relationships with loved ones, colleagues, and prospects. Or, whether your marriage is in ruins or you keep making the same errors in dating again and over, these podcasts may help you get your life back on track.

The most important factor is how you want to receive guidance: there are times when you need to hear the cold, hard facts from a therapist or other professional, and there are other times when you want to hear the softer side of the argument. 

Sometimes you just need to hear some gibberish, and it’s best to get it from a comic or celebrity who can speak to you like a girlfriend. And sometimes, all you want to do is hear about other couples that weathered the storm together and came out on the other side even closer. These podcasts on relationships are likely to satisfy your romantic appetite for any kind.

So, Here Are The 10 Best Relationship Podcasts Ever!

1. Death, Sex, and Money With Anna Sale

While sex may only account for a third of the title, you can probably guess that this podcast isn’t shy to broach uncomfortable topics from its name alone. People from various walks of life, including celebrities, provide their perspectives on the factors that may have contributed to the sexual life of a couple becoming stagnant over time and the lessons that may be taken away from a failed marriage.

2. Love Is Like a Plant

Ellen Huerta, the creator of the Mend app that helps heal after a breakup, is a co-host on this podcast. But that’s not the only thing this piece is about; contrary to what the title would imply, it’s also about how to keep a relationship alive through proper care and attention.

3. Anna Faris Is Unqualified

Actress Anna Faris states up front that she isn’t the best person to approach for relationship advice, but that doesn’t stop her and her guests from trying (and often failing, to everyone’s amusement). More important than finding solutions is finding a place to belong and a group of people who understand.

Recent guests have included YouTuber David Dobrik, actor Josh Hutcherson, and director Elizabeth Banks, who are all known for their roles in The Hunger Games.

4. Committed With Jo Piazza

Do you feel like there have been highs and lows in your relationship? Host Jo Piazza discusses couples who overcame remarkable circumstances, including a man so ill he was given his last rights five times and a couple who abandoned their corporate careers to live in an RV and travel cross-country.

5. Nancy

One of the goals of the Nancy podcast is to have open discussions concerning the LGBTQ community. It ranges from significant matters, such as the push for improved sex education in schools, to lighter fare, such as romantic comedies, first dates, and weddings.

6. One Extraordinary Marriage

You’d think that after 23 years of marriage, Tony and Alisa DiLorenzo would have some wisdom to share on how to have a fulfilling partnership. And they do, but not because they’ve had an easy one; they’ve battled and triumphed over issues like porn addiction, miscarriage, lack of trust, bad communication, and over $50,000 in debt. Having successfully navigated their own difficulties, they are now committed to assisting other couples in doing the same.

7. The Real Brunch Podcast

You should tune in to The Real Brunch if you enjoy your relationship drama served with a side of celebrity gossip. Recent topics have included what words of wisdom you’d give your younger self or how the hosts would answer the latest Cosmo quiz.

8. Relationship Advice

If you and your partner are just starting out in your marriage, you may find this series to be very helpful, since it features weekly appearances by therapists and other relationship gurus who share their insights on how to create a foundation for a marriage that will survive till death.

9. Why Won’t You Date Me? With Nicole Byer

Though Nicole Byer is a talented comedian and quite the catch, she is currently single. Her show features a different single person who she interviews to learn about their dating life and discover why she herself is single. Even if we never find out the answers, listening to the podcast is a lot of fun.

10. Where Should We Begin With Esther Perel

The straightforward and actionable guidance that couples therapist Esther Perel provides has earned a lot of praise from her clientele. Perel makes it look as if real couples are discussing their genuine issues on her podcast, but she really gives relationship advise that couples may use in their own relationships at home.

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