6 Female Indigenous Founders On What The IWD Theme, Accelerate Progress, Means To Them

By Alice Duthie
on 4 March 2024

The theme for this year’s International Women’s Day is Count Her In: Invest in Women. Accelerate progress. So, how can we accelerate progress for women? We asked 6 Indigenous female founders to share their thoughts.

Yolanda Finette

Yolanda Finette Holistic Life Coach, & Wellbeing

“As a Holistic Life Coach, Accelerating progress for me means guiding women on their journey of remembering. Through deep listening to their inner truth and reconnecting with their innate dreaming path and purpose, I support them to reclaim their sovereignty, break free from societal constraints and heal intergenerational wounds. Through the journey of remembering, we rewrite their life blueprint and pave the way for an aligned and authentic life.”

accelerate progress

Melissa Cole


“Accelerating Progress as an Aboriginal businesswoman is about building intergenerational wealth by creating successful businesses. We can then create a brighter future for all Indigenous Australians through employment, education and business partnerships. At Yaye, we actively collaborate with other Indigenous-owned businesses assisting to grow the Blak economy.”

“To ensure that my community benefits from the success of Yaye, I partner with Yipirinya School; we give back to the school and share the excellent work they do as a two-way bi-lingual school across my social media platforms.”

accelerate progress

Kaylene Langford

Start Up Creative

“Accelerating progress is when people who are in positions of power, influence and/or privilege use their platforms to profile minorities. As a Queer, First Nations woman in business, I aim to showcase my First Nations creators first and foremost as well as our Queer and gender-diverse communities across my platforms. These communities along with women haven’t always had a seat at the table or their voices heard and without their perspectives, we lose out on a wealth of knowledge, skill and talent. Lifting up those around us and seeking to understand different opinions and life experiences enriches our workplaces, communities and world.”

accelerate progress

Elisha Kissick

Yura Tours

“This year’s theme of ‘accelerating progress’ and what it means to me is grabbing onto opportunities and running with it, finding the gaps in the market and thinking outside the box to push my business further. Having this attitude draws people in to want to work with you and opens up space for women in my community to get into business and work alongside each other so we all succeed and show the young women coming up they can do anything!”

accelerate progress

Morgan Josey

That Therapy Hub

“At That Therapy & Support Hub, with my strong woman-led team of six therapists by my side, we’re not just accelerating progress; we’re building a lasting culture of change. Through our social enterprise, we redefine what it means to be a therapy business, paving the way for a better future, and using our profits for greater impact. Our impact resonates in the free therapies we provide to mob & local community, fostering healing and well-being for all members of the community. Together, we build a foundation of strength, resilience, and equality, forging a path towards a more inclusive and harmonious tomorrow.”


Shannon Mcneair

McNeair Aboriginal Psychological Services

“For me; it equates to continually supporting the social and emotional well-being of my community as a positive psychological impact that generates attention for all the right reasons.”


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