Adobe Helped Design a Dress for NYFW … And We Would Actually Wear It!

By Marie-Antoinette Issa
on 18 March 2024

The fusion between fashion and technology has long been a source of fascination. From wearable tech to smart fabrics, designers continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible. One of the latest incarnations of this fusion was on display at this year’s New York Fashion Week. Where the fashion designer by the same name unveiled his groundbreaking creation: the Adobe x Christian Cowan Dress Powered by Primrose Technology. The animated and shapeshifting interactive dress featured a design that had the power to change and adapt to movement. Making it the first-ever completely wearable and electronically reconfigurable garment crafted using Adobe Project Primrose.

The power of partnering with Primrose Technology

The innovative technology behind the Adobe x Christian Cowan Dress proved to have the power to transform fabric into a living, breathing work of art. And, the ability yo empower designers like Cowan to dream bigger and redefine the boundaries of fashion in the process. This specific sartorial collaboration featured laser-cut polymer dispersed liquid crystal “petals”. With each petal hiding an underlay with a flexible printed circuit board, that allowed the dress to electronically alternate multiple times per second and paid homage to Cowan’s iconic stars. A result? A transformative dress that dazzled audiences with its innovative design and – literally –  brought fashion to life.

Adobe x Christian Cowan Dress

Collaboration and creativity

The reveal of the Adobe x Christian Cowan Dress ignited a creative spark in the fashion world, inspiring designers, artists and brands to explore the possibilities of this innovative technology. Behind the awe-inspiring creation of the frock were Adobe’s own tools, integral at every stage of the design process. These included Adobe Illustrator – which mapped out the flexible printed circuit boards and sketched the patterns. And the Adobe After Effects – which animated the dress with captivating motion graphics.

The future for fashionistas

The Adobe x Christian Cowan Dress served as more than a mere style statement. Offering instead a glimpse into the future of fashion design. With technology such as Project Primrose redefining the very fabric of fashion, and empowering designers to dream bigger and create garments that evolve and interact with their environment, collaborations like the Adobe x Christian Cowan Dress Powered by Primrose Technology are leading the way forward and shaping the future of creativity and design.

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