Canon And The Future Of Printing: Rethink The Way You Use Your Printer

By Victoria Dezeraud
on 22 February 2020

Women Love Tech was invited to the Canon offices at Alexandria, Sydney, to take a look at “The Future of Printing” which promises to make you rethink your relationship with your printer. Even, Canon’s new marketing campaign highlights : “I love my printer, said no one ever. Until now”, the ambition is clear. Let’s see what’s behind it.

Nobody loves their printer. I mean there’s always something wrong with it: no more ink, no more paper, connection errors… Naturally, I was impatient to discover in what ways Canon would help me to reconcile my relationship with my printer.

First improvement solution: Print Assist

canon printer

Well, I discovered is I am not alone at all in my love-hate relationship with my printer: 50% of Australians admit to avoiding the set-up of a tech product due to the stress associated. That’s why Canon launched its Canon Print Assist consisting of a step-by-step online tools video tutorials, a 7 day helpline.

While most of us turn to Youtube today to find tutorials, Canon realised it’s time for brands to provide their customers with qualitative and professional expert online advice.

Second improvement solution: Print Now


In our daily life, we often need to print stuff: from tickets, receipts or paperwork. But what happens when your home printer isn’t working (lack of ink, missing paper…) or if you’re a student, and live in a small place, there may be no room for a printer? Welcome to Canon Print Now which enables you to go to your fave local shop or coffee which has set up a Canon printer and then, through a designed app you can download your documents, connect to the printer and print!

There are already 100 locations around Australia which have signed up for this service and Canon expects it to grow quickly. This new initiative will also help new businesses attract more customers in a kind of win-win process.

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