Lenovo Shows How Smarter Does More For Consumers

By Emeric Brard
on 4 September 2019

Is your laptop or tablet starting to get on your nerves? Too slow? Too heavy and outdated? Maybe it’s time for a switch up. Luckily, Lenovo might just have all the answers to your questions.

Ahead of IFA, the electronics show in based in Berlin this year, the multinational technology company have released a new portfolio consisting of 8 new pieces of technology, all with intuitive, adaptive, and time-saving features.

Ultra-Slim Meets Ultra Smart

No one likes to haul around a heavy laptop all day, it’s uncomfortable and inconvenient. The whole idea of a laptop is for it to be transportable, meaning that you can work from everywhere and anywhere.

Released in Sand Pink, Liquid Blue, and Platinum Grey, and at just over 1kg, the IdeaPad S340 is a good shout if you’re looking for a good balance between aesthetics, performance, and convenience.

If you want a step up, though, there’s also the IdeaPad S540, which simply has a higher quality display than the S340. With up to 8 hours of battery life and a quieter fan, these ones are perfect for the movie-watchers.

Nature-Inspired, Built for Intense Workloads

Physically stunning, designed to emulate the asymmetry of a Cypress tree, the IdeaCentre A540 brings you a desktop that not only adds style to your workspace, but productivity.

With high-resolution, crisp audio, with up to 9th Gen Intel Core, you’re sure to be able to get you work done efficiently. Available in both 24-inch or 27-inch, the IdeaCentre is perfect for leisurely use at home or for work in office, with 10-point touchscreen also available on either display. It’s a true all-in-one.

Digital Companions You’ll Flip Over

Literally. The Chromebook C340 can be flipped over. It’s a laptop and a tablet in one.

Much like the IdeaPad, it’s super convenient for the on-the-go creative types who want easy access at all times, whilst also looking fashionable. Available in 5 colours, you can personalise your style and make it your look. You can angle it to suit your work or entertainment needs.

If again, you want a step up, there’s also the S340, which functions on light-fast Chrome OS, with a battery life of up to 10 hours, slim, and just under 1.5kg light, which is approximately what 2 iPads weigh or 480 tea bags…but who’s counting anyways?

Display More Love for Your PC

Now, if the laptop or the tablet or the desktop isn’t what you’re looking for, no need to panic, they also released two new models of monitors.

These larger screens (34-inch and 28-inch respectively) can be used for either gaming purposes or simply for a wider, more vivid display with the releases of the G34w Gaming Monitor (left) and the L28u Monitor. Blessed with a panoramic Wide Quad High Definition display, the G34w (on the left) seems perfect for the avid gamer or film fanatic to be immersed into a whole new world, while the L28u is more suited for work or leisurely use, but can all the while still be used for gaming if desired.

Smarter Sharing is for the Family

Here’s something the whole family can enjoy. With the two models of Android tablets, parents can set up seperate accounts for each of their children suited to their preferences of apps, games, songs, books and much more.

The two models, Tab M7 and Tab M8 are both equipped with wifi and LTE options, so it’s perfect for kids, and as a bonus, it’s got a full metal cover design, so it has that premium look and feel to it. The M8 model provides about 12 hours of video playback time, with the M7 model going up to 10 hours.

If you want more details on Lenovo’s products you can check out www.lenovo.com or here for more info on attending the IFA.

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