Limited Edition ‘Misty Lavender’ Huawei P30 Pro Now Available

Emeric Brard
on 13 October 2019

The misty lavender, inspired by nature, is designed to evoke a beach at sunset. The accompanying case is equally as beautiful with its Swarovski crystals case that give the smartphone a more fashionable look and feel to it. Finally, a smartphone that is fashion-forward, a model that is equally as stylish as it is efficient.

huawei, misty lavender, Swarovski

After the announcement of the Huawei P30 Pro in ‘Misty Lavender’ at IFA 2019 last month, Huawei released it in Australia as a limited edition with each one coming with a case embellished in Swarovski Element crystals.

Huawei, misty lavender

Being a limited edition, there are less than 1000 available in Australia. For more information visit

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