New Features And Programs Announced For Facebook Groups On Its 10th Birthday

Emeric Brard
on 7 October 2020

It’s been 10 years since Facebook released one of its most popular features in Facebook Groups. Millions have used it to create social hubs for all their friends to communicate in one space, whether it be with your sports team, after-work drinks buddies, family or just for organising events. For its 10th Birthday, Facebook has given its users some presents to enjoy in the form of new features and programs that will make engaging, socialising, discovering and supporting one another even easier!

New Features

Facebook has announced numerous additions that will change the way users interact with Facebook Groups including developments to its Chat element as well as the introduction of Prompts, Q&A, and increased profile customisation options.


Facebook Groups Chat

Now, users can join in on real-time conversations within groups on Facebook. These will be spaces for people interested in certain topics and hobbies to find each other and connect.


Following the new Chat features, Prompts allows users to interact in a collaborative post where interested users can share photos about a specific topic and read through all the responses it receives.


Admins of groups can also kickoff question and answer sessions to elicit participation and discussion amongst members.

In order to help more Facebook users find and connect with the groups that they are interested in, people will receive suggestions of Related Discussion in their News Feeds whenever a link or post is shared. The Groups tab will be your go-to space to see what Public Groups related to your interests are posting.

What are other fans of your favourite team saying about last night’s game? What are everyone’s thoughts on the new season of your favourite show? What about the latest opinions on politics? The Groups tab takes your interest into consideration and provides you with the content you love and the communities you connect with.

New Tools For Admins

Facebook Groups branded content
  • Admin Assist: This new tool gives Admins more control over how they moderate their groups. For example, certain posts that include certain keywords or inactive/reported users can be declined.
  • New Topics: Organise certain topics within groups with hashtags and pin them to the top to bring to the attention of its members.
  • Branded Content: Is your public group home to a large number of members? Consider using the Brand Collabs Manager to make money off brands looking to promote their products and services.
  • Community Management Certification: Facebook is now providing interested users with a course that shows how to build, grow and support a community. The online course includes a whole curriculum and even an exam.

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