Smartphone: What To Expect From The Flagship Huawei P40 Pro

By Emeric Brard
on 29 March 2020

Huawei‘s P series first launched seven years ago and it’s just announced the latest offering with its flagship Huawei P40 Pro, which aims to redefine smartphone photography and AI technology.

From adding low-light technology to featuring a world-first Leica dual-camera to now implementing AI-powered photography; Huawei has shifted gear in the battle for more smartphone sales.

Here are some of the features that Huawei is keen to shout about:

Visionary photography

Huawei says that if the camera lens is the human eye, then the camera sensor is the retina. With an increase to the camera island, more room has been made for the biggest sensor on a smartphone to date. A bigger sensor means higher light intake, a higher dynamic range and lower noise all working together to produce crystal clear photos, no matter the lighting.

Additions like SuperZoom Array achieves an incredible 50x digital zoom that even at full-zoom captures even the smallest of details and is significantly more powerful than the P30 with clearer images and better stabilisation so images don’t come out blurry.

Huawei P40 Zoom, photography
Huawei P40 Zoom photography

The major innovation of the P40 series is its all-new smart AI-powered photography that makes capturing moments even easier. Featuring a motion-detecting algorithm, the camera’s ability to understand different postures and emotions, and capture footage seconds before and after a shot is snapped, makes things like sports photography much easier and more real and fluid. Artificial intelligence has also allowed for two new features: Eliminate Passerbys and Eliminate Reflection. Eliminate Passerbys essentially lets users clear the background and focus on the foreground’s subject by using the frames that have been caught before and after to find the best suitable image. Want to capture a beautiful artifact at the museum? The P40 series can remove any glare from glass surfaces.

photography, Huawei P40 Pro

The P40 series also boasts studio-grade portrait photos. Snap stunning scenery with long-range telephoto’s 3x optical zoom lens (8MP 80MM Equivalent Lens). Selfies taken with the 32MP Selfie Camera with Auto Focus and Infrared Camera, by blurring the background and focusing on skin texture, hair and other minute details, result in professional-looking shots. And with the likes of hand-held super night mode, HUAWEI XD Fusion Engine, Super Resolution and all-new AI Image Engine (HD), Full-day High Image, both day and night shots come out crisp, colourful and perfectly balanced.

Cinematic Videography

With a powerful Cine lens (ISO 51200) and a new audio zoom capability, people can focus on particular subjects and what they’re saying just by zooming in on them. Other features like ultra slow motion (7680fps – highest on the market)) and 4K time-lapse give the users a world of creativity right in the palm of their hands with the opportunity to turn any situation into an awesome moment. The P40 series’ ultra-stable video capturing ensures that these moments are never wasted and are recreated clearly and vividly.

Huawei P40 Pro: Design And Performance

The P40 has a display of 6.1 inches while the P40 Pro and Pro + have 6.58-inch displays. Both, though, are OLED displays with the P40 Pro and Pro + having slightly larger resolutions. Its 90Hz Super Smooth Display makes gaming and app experiences immersive and fluid.

For the first time, Huawei is using what they call an Overflow Display (P40 Pro and Pro + – and edge-to-edge screen that is curved on all sides for a no Bezel experience. Users can choose from a number of beautiful finishes including ice white, black, deep sea blue silver frost, and blush gold. And exclusively available for the P40 Pro + is a ceramic finish in either white or black.  

The P40 series is also equipped with the powerful 5G SoC Kirin 990 that makes connecting rapid and seamless. Partner that with the world’s fastest WiFi 6 Plus (2400 Mbps) the P40 series is giving users maximum speed and performance at all times.

Other Features

  • Next-gen in-screen fingerprint sensor – sensor area increased by 30% and unlocking speed fast by 30% 
  • MeeTime: Huawei’s own video chat system
  • Improvements to multi-screen collab 

Australian pricing & availability

The P40 Series – the P40 and P40 Pro – will be available for pre-order from Friday 27 March, and will be available from Thursday 16 April. The P40 from Huawei Authorised Chatswood Store, Mobileciti, Harvey Norman, whilst the P40 Pro will also be available from JB HiFi and Officeworks.

The P40 RRP is $1099 and P40 Pro is $1599, and both come with a complimentary VIP service to help consumers set up their new device.

All HUAWEI P40 Pro pre-orders in Australia will come with a free pair of FreeBuds 3(RRP $299 AUD). Simply, pre order the P40 Pro between 27/03/20 – 15/04/20 and redeem FreeBuds 3 between 16/04/20 – 27/05/20 at Colour and model of product and bonus item subject to availability.

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