The Gadget That Helps Keep Your Devices Free From Nasty Bugs

By Emeric Brard
on 24 March 2020

Now more than ever is the perfect time to stay clean and hygienic. You’ve seen the countless guidelines from government officials and the World Health Organisation on how to properly wash your hands, and although that remains of utmost importance during this period, there’s another thing that you must do that isn’t spoken enough about. Cleaning your devices!

Having Clean Devices Are Just As Important As Washing Hands

We use our phones, laptops, remote controls and other devices every day. Simple actions like talking into our phones covers it with saliva and bacteria producing invisible pathogens that we forget about. Some scientists have found that a mobile phone can be even dirtier than public toilets!

But the question is, how do we properly clean our devices?

There are many methods that just don’t cut it. We want to avoid water and chemicals, if possible, to prevent any damage to our devices. That means no cleaning wipes, no phone sanitisers, and no disinfectant spray. But what you can use is Mobile Klean, the ultraviolet light sanitiser, which together with a UV light eliminates nearly all the hidden nasties.

““By attacking the cell walls of germs, the UV light technology renders them unable to reproduce, consequently eliminating them altogether.”

The best part is you can use this on all your devices and on all surfaces.

By placing the light under your devices for only a few seconds, millions of germs, as well as mold and fungus, are destroyed by deactivating their DNA. Since it is UV light, it can be potentially harmful to your eyes, so as a precaution, the Mobile Klean automatically turns off its light when it is placed upside down.

The Mobile Klean is currently 50% off, so don’t miss out on a bargain, buy it here!

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