The LinkedIn Algorithm Has Changed So Here’s How You Can Make It Work For You

By Pamela Connellan
on 11 August 2023

If you’re a LinkedIn regular and you spend a bit of time posting on this platform – yes, we’re looking at you – you’ve probably noticed a change in some of your post engagements recently. This is happening because LinkedIn has changed its algorithm and so there’s some ways to capitalise on this change and make it work to your advantage.

LinkedIn instigated the change when it recently asked users what they found most and least valuable on the platform. Users came back saying they weren’t fond of bragging or updates from people who weren’t in their network.

As well, they said they’d prefer posts which showed some knowledge in an area or which offered helpful advice. They also liked posts which made them feel more connected with people or organisations they knew and wanted to keep in touch with.

So, bearing this in mind, here’s how you can use the change in the LinkedIn algorithm to your advantage and do well with your next LinkedIn posts.

LinkedIn Algorithm

Endeavour to share your knowledge and insights on LinkedIn

Posts which share knowledge and insights are now a priority for the LinkedIn algorithm. In a statement LinkedIn said: “Our goal is to make sure that every time a user comes across a post, they feel more productive, better informed, and better prepared to advance in their career.”

So when posting, it’s now more important to try and give the reader new information so they’re learning something.

If you’re an expert on something then post about this

It will definitely help if your actually an expert in the field you’re posting about. LinkedIn’s statement continues saying: “The author of the post has authority to speak on that topic. We’re not only evaluating whether your post has value, but also whether you have the authority to speak about it.”

This may sound like it will be difficult to post but we often don’t realise we’re experts in the areas we work in every day because it seems so normal to us. If you post about what you know about, this will show your expertise. Think about your job and your industry. What tips, insights and trends do you know about which others in your industry may not? You could even do some research and add in any interesting information you find.

You could share tips for people who are learning more about your industry – or trying to break into your industry. This way you’ll get more support on LinkedIn because it’s now actively looking at the interests and skills of users to see whether they’ll find a post helpful.

LinkedIn has reported that this change in its algorithm has resulted in a 40% uptick in viewed content from people and pages outside of user networks.

LinkedIn Algorithm change
If you’re an expert on something, then this is what you should post about now on LinkedIn.

Write your LinkedIn posts to engage the audience you want

One of the things that has made people incredibly successful on platforms such as TikTok is tapping into a specific niche. And it looks like LinkedIn is doing the same thing. It is not focused on viral posts, but instead ensuring that the right people are seeing the right content for them.

You don’t have to be all things to all people, in fact, that can make it difficult for the LinkedIn algorithm to identify who it should be pushing your posts to.

Instead, speak to a specific audience and be consistent about that. Whether that’s in marketing, the startup space, or superannuation — tap into that niche market — there are communities there.

Have your own perspective

If you want to stand out, it always helps to offer something a little different to everyone else. LinkedIn has said: “Share a side of the story that no one else has. We reward posts that provide opinion, advice or perspective.”

Ask yourself some questions. Is there a different way you can approach a trending topic? Do you have a unique insight that can add to the conversation?

Encourage feedback

Like most social media platforms, a lively comments section is going to help push your posts further. LinkedIn has stated: “We’re looking to see that the post is driving meaningful comments from relevant users.”

So it’s a good idea to find ways to encourage conversations in your comments to help push your posts out to more people. You can do this with calls to action, by asking interesting questions and by asking other experts in the field to offer their knowledge on the subject.

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