5 Tips to Create a Successful Corporate Wellness Program

Sophia Smith
on 19 February 2021

Now more than ever before, business leaders need to focus on the physical and mental health of their employees. If you want to your business to survive during these trying times and reach new heights in 2021, then employee health needs to be your number one priority. Otherwise, you will invariably experience a drop in productivity and overall zeal, and your employees will start leaving you before long. 

Given the fact that your employees are your biggest assets, it’s important to invest in their mental and physical health in order to boost retention and productivity, and achieve your goals in 2021 and beyond. That said, corporate wellness programs should go far beyond having a casual Friday or a taco Tuesday, because people need real solutions to real life problems.

You can’t expect your employees to be motivated to do their best when the stress of the pandemic is weighing them down. With all of that in mind, here are the five tips you should use to create a winning wellness programs your employees will love.

Let people talk to a professional

Mental health should always come first. Before you kick-start any fitness incentives or healthy eating programs, you should give people the chance to seek professional guidance and assistance at work or in their free time. Bringing in an organizational psychologist would be a worthwhile investment in the culture of your business and it would help maintain a happy workforce.

People don’t have the time, the money, or the willpower to seek professional guidance in their free time, which is why you as a good leader need to step up and provide the help they need. An in-house psychotherapist or a psychologist can make sure that your employees are happy and motivated, and they can spot any potential problems very early on, making sure to tackle any mental health issues in the workplace head on. 

Pay for online and offline fitness programs

People don’t get out much anymore because of the pandemic, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t want to be active and healthy. It can be too easy to let the stress and the anxiety of your everyday life weigh you down and turn you into a couch potato in your free time. That’s why you should give people the fitness boost they need to become more energized and motivated to achieve higher goals.

The best way to do this is to provide them with a selection of fitness programs that they can participate in at home or at the gym. Pay for online group classes, gym memberships, or private sessions with local instructors to get your employees moving. 

Motivate your employees to eat well

Of course, it’s not just about the physical activity, it’s also about what people eat on a daily basis. If the nutrition habits in your company veer on the side of the unhealthy, then it’s time to step in. Not because you should teach people how to eat healthy, but because investing in healthy nutrition means investing in higher productivity, mental health, and workplace happiness.

People need to know how to eat well, and they need to know what supplements to use to save money and achieve personal goals. 

If the women working for you are too tired to work out, then finding the best pre workout for women in the form of supplements or snacks can help them feel energized and maintain their energy levels. If they have no idea how to eat healthy, then include a meal-prep guide in your corporate newsletter. This will educate your employees on how to make healthy eating sustainable, and how to be consistent in their healthy habits.

Provide healthy snacks at work

People will slowly start eating better at work and exercising more frequently, but that doesn’t mean that your job is done. The workday is long and tiring, and people can get bored no matter how passionate they are about their jobs. And when people get bored, they start munching.

When people start munching, they invariably reach for unhealthy snacks. So, invest in better snacking options at work. At the very least, give them an app that tracks their nutrition and helps them make better choices. Don’t let them fuel their minds with junk snacks, because that will impact their creativity and give them the dreaded sugar rushes that never fail to stifle productivity. 

Take your employees to wellness retreats

Last but not least, get your employees involved in wellness teambuilding programs. There’s no better way to get your teams together and create a healthier employee collective than to organize a corporate wellness retreat

You can make it a whole-day retreat or a weekend thing where people can partake in yoga classes, play various sports, hit the pools and the gyms, explore the great outdoors and more. This will not only improve their physical wellbeing, but will also elevate their mental health. 

Wrapping up

At first glance, investing in employee health might seem like a big expense, but it’s a necessary one. Make sure to invest in your employees’ wellbeing this year and you will finally be able to take your business forward even during these trying times.

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