iCoverLover: Design Your Own Phone Case

By Frederique Bros
on 6 July 2013

Recently I met with the beautiful Lana from iCoverLover, an eCommerce site with a passion for adding a touch of personality to smartphone and tablet devices. The company aims to make products that represent your individual personality and protect your mobile phone.

You can add a touch of your company’s unique corporate personality and style to your technology. Just think of the laptops and tablets as indispensable mini billboards your employees carry in their hands everywhere they go. The way your team accessorise their smartphone and tablet devices is a powerful marketing statement, in addition to ensuring your valuable company property is well protected.

How to Design Your Own Phone Case

Premium quality smartphone and tablet cases are now the ultimate cost-effective branding tool for any organisation. Allowing you to define your corporate identity and leave a long-lasting professional statement. Whether you are after high quality corporate branded or plain smartphone and tablet cases for your team, a marketing campaign, client gift solution or a customer loyalty program, iCoverLover will work with you to achieve your goals.

iCoverLover Products

iCoverLover are proud to offer a large variety of accessories:

  • Phone cases, covers & screen protectors for iPhones, Apple Watch, AirPods, Samsung Galaxy S series, Note series and A51 series, for Google Pixels
  • Tablet covers for iPads and Samsung Tabs
  • Watchbands for Apple watch
  • Wireless chargers for an effortless and cable-free charging of your Qi-supported devices
  • Sports accessories so you can take your phone and keys with you while you exercise
  • Other accessories that protect, hold or improve your experience with your gadget

The iCoverLover team is truly passionate about creating powerful and innovative marketing campaigns. Their valued clients include some of Australia’s largest household brands including financial institutions, top-tier law firms, media publishers and technology companies.

To find out more, visit the iCoverLover website: https://www.icoverlover.com.au/

About iCoverLover

Just admit it, you can’t imagine your life without at least one mobile device in your hands or by your side anymore! Well, you’re in luck. There is nothing more important to us than to make sure your valuable devices (that are getting more expensive each year) are well protected and safe from harm. We proud ourselves to offer premium quality mobile accessories in various styles, colours and types so that you can choose the one you will love for a loooong time (or you know, at least as long as you don’t get a newer, faster & better model).

We’ve been “dressing” iPhones, Samsungs, Pixels, iPads and others since 2010 and we are still going strong. What can we say, this is our passion – we are in business because we love making your gadgets just a little bit more amazing. 

Photos Credit: iCoverLover

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