How To Avoid To Be Naked or Stupidly Drunk On Google

By Frederique Bros
on 3 June 2014

Do you Google your name sometimes? I hope you do, ‘Googling’ your name on a regular basis is an absolute must. It is not to flatter your ego, it’s a good way to check if everything is into place. You should do the same in the Google images section. There is nothing more unpleasant to have an ex who is having his own little revenge posting a controversy photo of you.How To Avoid To Be Naked or Stupidly Drunk On Google 

As you know anything posted on the Internet stay on the Internet for ever, even when it’s supposedly to be deleted. Unfortunately with Google, if you recognises a compromising photo of you, you can’t sue Google, well at least you can try but be prepared to empty your savings account. The photo will keep circulating on the search engine, bringing shame on your family and reputation with the only option for you to change your name, hair color and country.

Imagine, in 5 years time, if you are getting married and have kids, meanwhile the disgraceful photo is still on Google – not cool indeed.

What to do if your ex posted a shameful photo of you on the Internet

My first advice: Go to see the ex-boyfriend/girlfriend, and asked him/her to remove the photo or anything else nasty he or she wrote about you on the Internet. If he/she refused, don’t do the same, instead call your brothers and friends you know the big ones with the big muscles and pay a second visit to your ex. You can of course contact the police, but I doubt they can do anything about it, the Internet Police do not exist yet.

My second advice and probably the most intelligent one. If you are an European citizen, contact Google and ask about the ‘right to be forgotten’ form. Fill the online form explaining why the link of the photo is “irrelevant, outdated, or otherwise inappropriate.” If approved, it will be erased although the pages will stay. Meaning the link/photo would be erased, but if the ex wrote a post about you with the compromising photo on his own blog for example, it can’t be deleted, it will be only deleted on the Google search engines in Europe.

Google Bad Tricks

– You may feel tricked because Google asks for a photo ID card to validate the request, which is a problem with regards to privacy rights.

– You will have to repeat the procedure with other websites and search engines.

– Google insists that it won’t be the one ruling on the requests, but it will be the national regulatory bodies. This means the photo can be deleted in Europe but not in America, Asia or Australia.

– Google will make the decision on whether to delete the links but any disagreements will be overseen by national data protection agencies. There will be 28 different agencies across the EU.

Others Search Engines

  • Yahoo, which also operates a search engine in Europe, has previously said it’s “carefully reviewing” this to assess the impact on its business and users.
  • Microsoft, which has the Bing search engine, has declined to comment on the ruling.
  • If you are not an European citizen, well, too bad.

So far this ‘right to be forgotten’, only exists in Europe, and Google said it has already received 12,000 requests from across Europe within the first 24 hours of launching. I hope this will have a snowball effect on other countries.

How To Avoid To Be Naked or Stupidly Drunk On Google 

Tip 1. Never, EVER  let anyone take a picture of you when you are in a vulnerable situation. People get nasty or jealous and, they are only a click away from sharing their revenge with the World.

Tip 2. When you send a rude nudie photo to your lover, never take your face, crop the photo or place your hand on your face. You never know, you might dump the guy in 6 months and he might not like it.

Tip 3. If you are looking for a dream job and, you have the ‘fun photos’ of you vomiting in the toilets on Facebook, ask your friends to delete the photos ASAP. I would recommend closing down your Facebook account, and later re-opening one (when you’ve got the job) with a different name, don’t worry your real friends and family will follow you. This article will help you: 5 Steps To Follow Before Deleting Your Facebook Account

Tip 4. Unless your name is Kim Kardashian or Rihanna, you need to be careful of the use of the Internet.

Tip 5. If it’s too late, and you are not from Europe, pick up the phone and call the best plastic surgeons of your city.

The Internet is a wonderful tool. Be smart and careful with your image, you never know what is around the corner. Happy Googling!

Images: Deposit Photos

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