Meet Ballie – Samsung’s AI Companion Robot Launched At CES

By Emma Crameri Emma Crameri has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
on 15 January 2024

Ballie is a small round robot created by Samsung. The robot is a true AI companion and promises to help you out around the home. (Pronounced Ball-E)

The spherical robot is a fun bright yellow colour – making it easy to find. It is about the size of a bowling ball.

Ballie works in synergy with Samsung’s SmartThings – an ecosystem that allows you to control and monitor your compatible devices through a single app to build a smart home.  As it rolls around the floor of your house, it can interact with various smart connected devices. It has a built-in projector (1080p) and spatial LiDAR sensors. This allows Ballie to display movies, video calls and messages on surrounding surfaces.

Samsung Ballie Robot
Image Credit: Samsung

You can interact with Ballie using voice commands and a text messaging interface. It can display the day’s events, share weather updates, or project your favourite movie or TV show.

Ballie can connect to and manage home appliances. Therefore, the personal home assistant can be programmed to help and complete various tasks. For example, you could ask it to open smart curtains first thing in the morning.

Ballie can also autonomously drive around your house and learn from the user’s patterns and habits. As a result, artificial intelligence (AI) can suggest smarter and more personalised services. 

Jeremy Senior, Vice President – Consumer Electronics, at Samsung Australia, said “We’re thrilled to mark another year at CES, announcing a broad portfolio of products. Today, we are reinforcing that AI is about efficiencies – from ease of use to saving time and energy.”

Samsung Ballie Robot
Image Credit: Samsung

“Ballie is mobile, smart and connected, equipped with a projector that will enable consumers to live more convenient and connected lives as it seamlessly integrates with their home through SmartThings.”

The promotional video shows Ballie feeding the dog with a smart pet feeder and turning on and off smart lights. You can view video updates of your pets or loved ones when you’re away from home.

It can display a video conference call on the wall using its projector and display a fitness video on the wall and ceiling (depending on the exercise).

Samsung Ballie Robot
Image Credit: Samsung

The Original Samsung’s Ballie

Samsung’s Ballie was first introduced a few years ago at CES 2020. It originally was the size of a tennis ball and had a ribbed look. It was planned to be released in a range of different colours (blue, green, yellow, orange, and purple). The concept video showed Ballie turning on a smart TV, opening smart window blinds, helping with exercise, and recognizing its owner and pets.

The new prototype of Ballie has a sleeker look.  This version is larger, but still yellow. Since then, Ballie has been revamped with new advanced features to make the product more intelligent for everyday life.

Samsung Ballie Robot
Image Credit: Samsung

When will Ballie be available?

There are rumours that Samsung Ballie will be available for sale later in the year, but this is yet to be confirmed by Samsung.

Ballie can enhance your exercise, working or relaxing activities to make your life at home more productive and enjoyable.

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