Exclusive: Snap Minis Introduces New Birthday And Star Sign Feature

Emeric Brard
on 9 September 2021

Today, a new Snap Mini has been released, specially made for celebrating the birthdays of those you love the most.

In the past, the only way to see friends’ birthdays was through the little birthday cake emoji beside a user on the Friends feed.


Snapchat birthdays


Now, for the first time, Snapchat users now have access to a list of all their friends who’ve allowed their birthdays to be seen. On this list, they’ll see all recent and upcoming birthdays so they never miss their friends’ special day.

To celebrate in the birthday spirit, send unique stickers or special birthday snaps. This is the first time in Snap Minis that Snapchatters can unlock themed lenses and send them as snaps to friends or post on stories.


Snap Minis, birthday


To find the Birthday Mini, go behind the rocket icon or search for it in the search bar.

About Snap Minis:

Introduced in June 2020, Snap Minis offer a novel way to create social experiences on Snapchat. They are easy to use for Snapchatters, and seamlessly meld into the Camera to encourage friends to join in. Rather than build two separate apps for Android and iOS, partners can build one Game or Mini that launches instantly with no installation required.

The Birthdays Mini joins a portfolio of Minis made by partners and Snap already available on Snapchat in Australia:

1.    Ticketmatcher by Ticketmaster

2.    Headspace

3.    Prediction Master

4.    Let’s Do It

5.    Flashcards by Tembo

6.    Givingli

7.    Invstr StockStars

8.    Tastemade Me Do it

9.    Ding

10.  Almost Fun

snap chat


Check it out Snap Minis here: https://www.snapchat.com/

Snap Minis are a new way for developers to bring their services inside Snapchat and empower new, social experiences. Snapchat has carefully designed Minis to deeply integrate within your conversations, so coordinating with friends is faster than ever.

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