Sweep App: How To Leverage Technology To Drive Retail Sales

Robyn Foyster Robyn Foyster has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
on 8 November 2018

While some traditional methods of marketing are still effective, the digital landscape continues to become an increasingly effective channel for businesses to drive scale and visibility cost efficiently. It’s important small businesses continuously test and learn, leveraging new technologies to remain relevant, excite customers and ultimately drive sales.

It’s no surprise online retailers are dominating the on-demand economy with mobile online purchases increasing by 58% in the last year. The online landscape provides shoppers the freedom to easily search, compare and purchase items or services when they want. The retail landscape is rapidly changing and many traditional retailers have growing concerns about their relevance.

Recently, I have been working with an amazing team on developing a new shopping app called Sweep. We believe Sweep will revolutionise the retail industry by creating a new avenue for online and brick and mortar stores to reach their customers. Through exclusive offers, augmented reality (AR) and gamifying brand experiences, Sweep will help retailers drive traffic to both their online and physical stores. In turn, traditional retailers will be able to attain valuable customer analytics; data which is predominantly only available via online stores.

If you’re a business looking to target the popular millennial market, it’s especially important you embrace new technologies to reach this audience. Millennials are shopping savvy impulse buyers. According to the recent Australia Post Online Shopping 2018 report, 75% of millennials make impulse purchases each week. Leveraging geolocation technology, Sweep provides a valuable platform where businesses are able to share discounts and exclusive offers to people nearby, driving foot traffic in-store and encouraging impulse purchases.

Sweep app is the world’s first AR comunity-based shopping app

When it comes to shopping, Millennials are well researched and frequently rely on their mobile phones for recommendations and reviews from trusted sources. Sweep will build a strong community by providing a platform where users can share and review their favourite products and deals, helping other users make insightful purchases.

Personalisation is also key to attracting and retaining customers. People want to feel unique and heard. Businesses should leverage automation to drive personalisation at scale. Email has proven an effective channel but this medium only allows you to reach existing customers. Sweep’s customisation tool and rich analytics allows businesses to reach and reward both new and existing audiences at scale.

Personalised, hyper-local and real-time, Sweep is the ultimate shopping companion.

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