Tech For Health: 5 Tools For Everything From Back Pain To Sleep

By Erin Huckle
on 1 June 2023

Tech for health: it’s more than just online fitness classes and tracking your steps. Here are our fave tech tools for everything from back pain to sleep.

When it comes to health and wellbeing, technology for your home and body can help you track your stats, inform your daily movement and support your aches and pains. Here are some of our favourite tools to help you feel better on the daily and get smarter about looking after your health – from the inside out.

Support your sore back

La-Z-Boy recliners are legendary for a reason. Not only do they look great in any room, but they also offer whole body support and a number of mechanisms to help you relax in comfort, without aggravating your sore back. When pain impacts your mobility, you can even choose a lift chair which not only allows you to recline more comfortably, but also helps take you from sitting to standing. Kick-back and relax, while supporting your back and creating the position that’s ideal for your body.

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Find your inner calm  

If life is feeling overwhelming and you’re struggling to focus, try a meditation app to clear your mind and recentre yourself. There are a range of apps on the market, some free, some paid, designed to help you sleep better and stress less, it’s like having your very own meditation teacher in your back pocket. Look for apps with daily meditations and sleep stories to help you drop off to sleep, plus meditation lessons, nature sounds and masterclasses. Whatever suits you – from the tone of voice you like to the length of guided meditation, you’re sure to find one that’s right for you.

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Track your stats

Think smart watches are just about tracking your daily steps? Think again. These days smartwatches look stylish and do a whole lot more than just count those steps. Modern features include tracking your sleep, your breathing patterns, heart rate, and even your menstrual cycle, for a complete picture of your daily health. Plus, many watches now have location settings meaning you can stay safe when you’re exploring further afield and need to share your exact location quickly.

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Massage your muscles

If you’re struggling with aches and pains, a portable massage gun could be the ideal solution to help relieve your sore muscles on the go, rather than having to book in for that expensive and time-consuming massage. Look for one of the compact options on the market, so you can take it with you for when cramps, tension, pain or knots strike, and use it for instant relief on your problem areas. Another option is to bring the ultimate relaxation of a professional massage right into the comfort of your own home, with massage chair such as La-Z-Boy’s Oslo Luxury Lift with Massage Chair.  Featuring the latest in massage technology, you can set the type of massage you prefer and the zone you want to target – the perfect way to deal with niggling aches and pains.

Get your teeth (really) clean

Take your tooth-brushing to a whole new level with an advanced electric toothbrush that really gets to know the intricate workings of your pearly whites. These days you can find electric toothbrushes that remove more plaque and stains than manual brushing, with some also syncing with a phone app and providing guidance on your brushing pattern and technique. Time to find your very own (smart) tooth fairy.


Rise with the sun

Forget the blare of an alarm clock. There are several clocks now that replicate the gradual and fading light of the sun to encourage a regular sleep pattern. These clever lighting effects mean a sunrise can help energise you in the morning, and sunset effects can help you relax and feel drowsy in the evening. Some of them include ambient sounds to help you really set the sleep mood, and these clocks are also ideal for anyone who struggles with Seasonal Affective Disorder in the cold, dark winter months.

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Analyse your body

Health isn’t just about the number on the scales, so smart scales don’t just check your weight, they also analyse your body composition – from your bone density to your muscle mass. Smart scales give you a full picture of your daily body health, and some of them even go as far as to sync with a WIFI powered app to help you set goals, track progress and get smarter about your bodily health.

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