Samsung Galaxy Z Flip: A Small Design With Big Ambition

Emeric Brard
on 19 March 2020

Samsung ended 2019 with a bang when it released its the ground-breaking Samsung Fold. With a design that has brought new heightened standards to the industry, the Galaxy Z Flip comes as the next revolutionary release.

As Samsung’s second foldable device, the Galaxy Z Flip has kept the basis of the Fold, while removing unwanted elements, and enhancing its best features. As a result, they’ve made an even smaller, more compact product that gives a new meaning to the word smartphone.

“It’s a whole new spin on the phone.”

Form factor

The Galaxy Z Flip boasts an all-new form factor that is both compact and durable, and small enough to fit in your pocket. But don’t be fooled by its small size, when unfolded, users can experience the full beauty of the 6.7-inch (17 cm) Infinity Flex Display made of ultra-thin glass instead of the Fold’s plastic – so the crease where it folds is barely noticeable. The Dynamic AMOLED screen produces popping images full of colour with fewer bezels and notch.

It’s also worth noting that the foldable design also makes dramatic phone calls that much more satisfying, as simply folding the screen down in a swift motion ends any active call. It’s pettiness personified.

Preview Display, Z Flip

Just because your phone is closed does not mean that you’re disconnected. From the little 1.1-inch preview display, users will get the time, any notifications when they swipe right on the bottom left, control over songs, and even the ability to take selfies.

New perspectives

The big change with the Z Flip is the addition of the Hideaway Hinge. The Hideaway Hinge allows for Flex mode wherein the phone can be folded at any angle you like. And then suddenly the possibilities are endless.

Make use of the dual 12MP cameras and the 10MP selfie camera to capture some unique scenic shots or fun hands-free selfies, or set your phone down while you’re moving about on a video call so that you can get things done and still see the person you’re talking to.

Galaxy Z Flip

Flex mode turns the top half into a viewing area, with the bottom half as your control panel.

Get creative

The Galaxy Z Flip is also good for environments with low-light exposure. Set up your phone in the angle you want, like a tripod, and perfectly capture a moment with a long exposure shot.

Galaxy Z flip, Night,

Thanks to its rich tone mapping, it has the ability to effectively bring out the details and colours of your surroundings, no matter what time of day.



Make the most of compatible apps and Multi Active Window which splits the screen in two so as to enhance your multitasking. You can also swipe from the right side of the screen to prompt different apps which you can hop across to and from, very much like the Fold.

Battery life that outlasts your day

Battery life, as we all know, is decisive in determining whether or not a device is worth buying or not. A smartphone can have the best features in the world, but if it only lasts several hours, what’s the point? The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip with 3300mAh gives you all-day use so you can make the most out of each charge.

Other noteworthy points

  • The Galaxy Z Flip support wireless charging and PowerShare – the ability to transfer battery life to other products like Galaxy Buds.
  • It can handle up to 200,000 flips (same as the Fold)
  • There is no headphone Jack, only a Type-C port
  • It’s equipped with 32-bit audio
  • When video-calling someone, you can take the form of your own emoji to make the call even more interesting and fun
  • To access your camera instantly, just double click the power button
  • In Australia, Mirror Black and Mirror Purple are the two colours that will be available upon launch
  • Like the Galaxy S10, The Z Flip also has a fingerprint scanner

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip smartphone will launch in Australia on April 3, with users able to start pre-ordering on March 20.

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