The Element Diffuser Releases Scent Into Your Home With No Need For Heat Or Water

By Pamela Connellan
on 21 June 2022

We all want our home to smell nice but up until now, this usually meant you have to fiddle around with candles and oil diffusers. But now with the new Element Diffuser from Scent Australia, you can set it up any time and simply turn it on and it will work in the background, releasing scent into your home and there’s no need for heat or water.

Here at Women Love Tech, we tried the Element Diffuser and while still being an electrical device which you have to charge at times, its ceramic base makes it feel more comforting and it slowly releases scent into the air, making your home smell fantastic without making it too overpowering.

As Andrew O’Keefe, Scent Australia Home’s managing director, said: “We wanted to design a product that would create that ‘at home’ feeling, something different than using plastic or metal, something more comforting.”

Romance can be literally in the air

The Element Diffuser is a powerful ceramic diffuser which has been crafted with interior design in mind. As it releases fragrance into the atmosphere, it has no need for heat or water. The elevated product also helps to purify its surroundings, creating a sense of well-being and tranquillity within any space.

This is why Scent Australia Home designed the Element Diffuser, encased in a white ceramic base, so it fits in with your home decor and yet does its job so well. It comes with a Romantic Scent Pack and together, these can be the perfect match-making duo at night, releasing romantic scent into your home so romance is quite literally ‘in the air.’

Prepare for work the next day.

But after a romantic night at home, when it’s bright and early the next day, you can change the oil in your Element Diffuser and pick a more energising oil so you’ll be ready to smash it at work or at the gym that day.

Smart Diffuser
You can set the time for the Element Diffuser to diffuse scent into your home via the Scent App from Scent Australia.

For more information on where to get an Element Diffuser, visit Scent Australia here.

For more from Women Love Tech on smart home appliances, visit here.

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