What Was The World Searching For Last Year?

Pamela Connellan
on 29 January 2022

The year that was – 2021. Sure, it was a crazy year with the pandemic resurging with the latest variant. We were working from home a lot more and we were on our devices a whole lot more. What were we searching for? Here’s some of the top searches from Google…

  1. Doomsurfing was searched more than ever globally in 2021. The term refers to surfing the net, scrolling through bad news about what’s happening – especially about the pandemic – and finding it hard to stop from reading all of the bad news, even though it makes you worried. For more info visit here.
Woman on Phone

2) From money and success to good health and love, affirmations were searched this year more than ever before worldwide, with the most search interest in Kazakhstan.


3) After performing her poem “The Hill We Climb” during the US presidential inauguration, Amanda Gorman was the top searched poet worldwide in 2021. The country searching for her poem the most? Norway.

Amanda Gorman Time Magazine

4) The world searched for ‘How to start a businHow Women Can Start Their Own Tech Businessesess‘ more than How to get a job in 2021.


5) Whether you believe your soulmate was born 139 days after you, or that they’re a bespectacled wizard, this year soulmate was searched more than ever before across the globe.


6) This March, the world was captivated by the Meghan and Harry interview with Oprah, making it the most searched interview in Google Trends history.

Prince Harry and Megan

7) From major cities to tropical islands, the world searched impact of climate change more than ever this year, with Fiji searching the most.

Climate Change

8) Earth-friendly practices are becoming the new standard. Worldwide, search interest for sustainability reached record highs this year.

Ron Lach at Pexels

9) Across the globe, as people looked for ways to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community, pride events near me increased +5,000% worldwide.

Microsoft Shows Us Diversity And Inclusion Matter - Here's How

10) As the pandemic morphed and changed, the availability of a vaccine was searched for with when can I get a covid booster increased tenfold in the second part of the year.


For more from Google about the top searches of 2021, take a look here.

For more from Women Love Tech on Google, visit here.

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