2021 Year in Review: Another Year Wrapped Up

Emeric Brard
on 31 December 2021

Wait…2021 is already over? We must have skipped a few months!

2021, like previous years in recent history, has been difficult. And like 2020, the pandemic has challenged us immensely in unimaginable ways. From changes to our work, our social life, and our health; Covid-19 has forced us all to readapt to what is now the “new normal”. We’ve gone in and out of restrictions, on and off with masks, and it’s pushed us to the edge at times.

Fortunately, it’s not been all doom and gloom. 2021 will certainly be a year to remember, but it needn’t be only for the bad stuff. As this year says its (welcomed) goodbyes, Women Love Tech is looking back on what made this year bearable.

Friends Reunion

About 18 years after the final episode of everyone’s favourite sitcom, Friends, the famous band of six, finally reunited for a special one-time documentary where the group reminisced on the good ol’ times.

If you’re not a big crier, we suggest you grab your tissue box anyway because you’re about to become one. This heartwarming reunion between not only six co-workers, but now six friends for life, pulls on the heartstrings and brings all Friends fans way, way back!

However, even after all these years, the same question continues to haunt us…

Were Ross and Rachel on a break?

The Suez Canal

Now, you may be wondering why we’ve included the Suez Canal in this list. Yes, this was definitely not a great moment, but in many ways, it was an important one.

When the Suez Canal got all blocked up in March, the whole of the internet had a field day:

And my favourite one:

The world came together and united through comic relief, and to be honest, it felt good. Any excuse to have a laugh and not take things too seriously for even a brief moment was especially welcome this year.

The Suez Canal finally become unblocked on the 29th of March. It stayed blocked for around six days.

William Shatner’s Space Dream Fulfilled!

William Shatner's space adventure, 2021
William Shatner’s space adventure came true (image credit: SMH)

55 years ago, when the first episode of Star Trek aired, William Shatner, AKA Captain James Kirk, could’ve never imagined he’d ever actually go past the Earth’s atmosphere. But, thanks to a spectacular PR stunt by Jeff Bezos, William Shatner (90) finally made it to space!

Heartwarming and nostalgic as ever, a nice moment that reminds us that the future always holds the unexpected.

Beam me up Bezos!

Vaccine rollout

While Covid has hit us hard, the vaccines have helped slow down the spreading. As of the 22nd, Bloomberg estimates that over 8.8 million jabs have been administered across 184 countries. That’s around 40.2 million doses distributed every day.

Bloomberg estimates that over 8.8 million jabs have been administered across 184 countries (Image credit: CNBC)

The number of cases has, however, surged in recent times in light of the new, more contagious variant, Omicron. That said, continued effective booster vaccine rollout should stabilise the number of cases to come. The vaccines have given us hope of better times – and those better times can’t be much further away now…

Squid Game

Squid Game, Netflix
Squid Game is officially the most popular show on Netflix of all time (Image credit: Forbes)

Out of the blue, the world stopped to marvel at Korea’s latest violent phenomenon, Squid Game. In what is a riveting concept, Squid Game cleverly criticises the wealthy through the set of dehumanising, life or death “games” that desperate, in debt players are forced to complete. The prize? A stack load of money.

The show absolutely took off. As of late October, Forbes estimated that Squid Game had already racked up 142 million household views – making it the most popular Netflix show EVER.


After 13 long years of fighting her conservatorship, Britney Spears was finally freed from her Father’s legal grip.

At least now we know who Britney was really talking about when she wrote her hit, “Toxic”.

Literally any excuse to play this banger!

Bernie’s Mittens

Politics, as usual, has been a disaster this year, like every other year – but we won’t get into any of that. However, there has been one thing to come out that put a smile on all our faces.

At Biden’s inauguration, Bernie Sanders sat there, unbothered, in his warm little mittens, minding his own business – and it was brilliant. And, of course, people meme’d it up:

Bernie Sanders' mittens
Bernie Sanders’ mittens (Image credit: CNET)
Bernie Sanders, 2021
(Image credit: NEWS10 ABC)

2021 definitely had its ups and downs, but in trying times, it’s important to look back on the good moments. And without jinxing it, Women Love Tech thinks 2022 is going to be full of even better moments than 2021.

What was your favourite moment of the year? Let us know in the comments.

(Feature image credit: SMH and Getty)

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